Easy Payment Options

How to Send Money

If you want to send money to Cherokee, we offer many convenient payment methods.

The most common method is to write a check payable to “Cherokee Financial” and mail it to us at 133 Maple Avenue Red Bank, NJ 07701

If your loan was recently transferred to Cherokee, and if you have not yet received a Payment Book, just write your old loan number on your check or money order, as well as the name of the loan (the last name of the primary borrower). Please make sure we have a telephone number to call you if we have any questions.

You can also get a blank Cherokee Payment Coupon (Adobe Acrobat Reader required) from our web site by clicking here.  Just print out the one-page form, fill it out, and include it with your payment.  While not necessary, this helps reduce delays in applying your payment to your account.

If you want to be sure that your payment arrives on time, to avoid further late fees or collection action, you can send your payment via Federal Express, US Postal Service Priority Mail, UPS Next Day Air, or DHL Express.

Our street address for these courier services is:133 Maple Avenue Red Bank, NJ 07701.

Send a Secure, Electronic Payment Now

As a service to our customers, Cherokee accepts electronic payments (including from your credit cards) via PayPal®, the world's largest online payment system.

Even if you do not have a PayPal account, you can still use this system to send money to Cherokee. (See details on Cherokee's PayPal page).

If you would like to avoid late fees, and the inconvenience of going to the Post Office, we suggest you consider using PayPal.

Learn more about sending money to Cherokee using PayPal by clicking here.


Bank Wire Transfers
If you want to wire transfer funds (“EFT”, or Electronic Funds Transfer), please call us first. There is a $35.00 charge for incoming wire transfers. This is not a Cherokee fee, but the actual cost to us imposed by our bank for the receipt of these electronic funds transfers.

In the future we hope to also offer these payment options:

1. Automated Check Clearing
2. Western Union MoneyGram

Details Regarding Payments
Remember, the date we receive your payment is the date it is credited, not the date you mail it. We are not responsible for lost or delayed mail. It is your responsibility to insure that payments are received by us on or before the date due.

Never send cash. If you send a check, money order, or bank check, please make it payable (in US Dollars) to “Cherokee Financial”.

If you send a payment, and it “bounces” for any reason, it is the same as if the payment was never made. To the extent permitted by your original loan agreement, you will be assessed a late fee, plus a “Returned Check fee”.

Please write your account number on the check. You can use the account number from the last servicer of your loan (we keep track of them), or Cherokee’s number. You can also just make sure that your name and address are clearly visible on the check. If we provided payment coupons, please include that with your payment.

With most consumer debt, such as credit cards, Notes, and Mortgages, the borrower/debtor is required to make regular payments to your creditors whether or not the creditors make regular “demands” for payment. This is a typical clause in virtually all mortgages.

Cherokee Financial does not hold Tax Lien Assets, but affiliated Cherokee companies do.  Cherokee Financial does not service any Tax Lien Assets.  If you own a property encumbered by a Tax Lien held by Cherokee, there is a “demand” process specific to each state.  Please contact the person or entity on the correspondence that you received.

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